Amendments to the Electoral Code jeopardize the work and freedom of the media

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM), the Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM) and the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia (CMEM) are against the adopted changes and amendments to the Electoral Code, made as result of a political agreement between the Government and the opposition. These amendments, adopted in a non-transparent […]

Date Set for the Start of Collective Agreement Negotiations in MIA

A protocol for the manner of conducting the collective agreement negotiations will be signed by the end of February, was the conclusion from the meeting of the representatives of the Independent Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers and the management of the Macedonian Informative Agency (MIA). SSNM also met with the employees in MIA […]

Decision for Strike in MPM

The Executive Board of SSNM and the union representatives of SSNM`s union groups in the newsrooms of the daily newspapers Dnevnik and Utrinski Vesnik under ownership of the Service Company Media Print Macedonia DOOEL – Skopje decided to go on a srike. The decision for a strike was made because the salary for December has […]

Protective caps for journalist teams

Financially supported by the International Federation of Journalists, SSNM purchased protective caps as a symbolic help for journalist teams covering risk events. The caps are reinforced on the inside for extra protection and have a visible PRESS sign on the front. Due to the limited number, each media with active union members will receive two […]

MPM is Violating Journalists` Constitutional Rights and Freedoms

SEPTEMBER 1, 2016 SSNM is fiercely protesting against the Company that issues and prints Utrinski Vesnik, Dnevnik and Vest, including other daily and weekly publications, because it is blackmailing, degrading and discriminating journalists with work agreements which are forbidding them to express their personal views on the social networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc. The article […]

Support to AJM for Bozhinovski

The Independent Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM), the Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM) and the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) publicly and unambiguously support the Association of Journalists of Macedonia in their efforts to ensure fair trial for Zoran Bozhinovski. The Macedonian legal system must not be used for political retribution and […]

Lustrate, Journalism Will Survive (You)

MARCH 29, 2015 SSNM sees the announcements and information for lustration of active and renown journalists known among the public as carriers of critical thought and the integrity of the profession as no less than another unsuccessful attempt for discrimination and labelling of all who do not fit the Government`s definition of journalism. In other […]

The MRTV Censure Must End

MARCH 14, 2015 The Independent Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers is appalled and horrified by the intrusion and the request for identification of the radio show host of Kanal 103 in MRTV. It is our opinion that this is a direct and gross censure which exposes in its fullness the dramatic situation with […]

Reaction of the Public Prosecutor`s Office

SSNM, as a trade union of journalists which defends the right to free and professional practice of the profession and fighting the tendencies to turn it into a servile journalism succumbed to propaganda, is rejecting the threats of the Public Prosecutor`s Office that “publishing of materials which can be grounds for further criminal proceeding is […]

The Arrest of a Trade Unionist is a Cause of Concern

The signatories to the Charter for Solidarity of Trade Unions and Associations for Protection of Labor Rights (the Confederation of Trade Union Organizations of Macedonia, the Independent Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers, the Trade Union of the Macedonian Diplomatic Service, the Movement for Social Justice”Lenka” and the leftwing movement “Solidarity”) were deeply saddened […]