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Salaries in the Media Stuck Below the Average

Almost 45 percent of Macedonian journalists receive a salary lower than the state average, which amounts to 22.808 denars. This was demonstrated by a new survey conducted by the Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM) conducted in July and August this year using the online service Survey Monkey. SSNM consulted 127 media workers, about 80 percent of whom…



2017 will be the year that news organizations start approaching headlines with the importance they deserve. A few years ago, around the time that a scary-exciting new thing called “social” started becoming more important than search engine optimization, digital media organizations discovered that nothing mattered more than headlines, at least when it came to getting stories effectively distributed by social…


Is criminalizing fake news the way forward?

German lawmakers have called for legal action against the production and distribution of fake news. But digital rights groups warned of the harrowing effects it could have online, including censorship. Politicians, news consumers and social media entrepreneurs have turned their attention to the subject of fake news, in large part due to its alleged influence during the US presidential election…


Journalists in the age of Trump: Lose the smugness, keep the mission.

By Margaret Sullivan Media Columnist Journalists may thrive on news — by definition, the unexpected or novel — but they’re terrible at getting out of their own comfortable ruts. Consider, for example, the decade or so of abject denial about their threatened business model that followed the apocalyptic arrival of Craigslist, which removed the crucial revenue that…


Journalism’s delivery system, not the coverage itself, is broken

By Joel Simon   JOURNALISM MATTERS BECAUSE PEOPLE around the world need timely news and analysis to make informed decisions about their lives. This is a maxim that drives the work of many reporters. At the Committee to Protect Journalists, it’s why we advocate for the rights of persecuted journalists working in repressive and dangerous environments. But the assumption…


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