Why do We Need a Trade Union?

A trade union is a voluntary employee organization based on joint interests and mutual. Journalists, photojournalists, cameramen and all participants in the media product are workers, so they need a trade union to protect their fundamental labor and professional rights.

The trade union unites all- regardless of their partisan, ethnic or any other affiliation; they all have the same interest: better working conditions and higher salaries. Only united, the journalists and other media workers can make a difference and realize their interests. Owners may disregard individual worker requests as irrelevant, but they will not be able to ignore them if they are organized in a strong trade union. The threats and opposition of owners against the foundation of a trade union must not deter us. It is a basic human right and its violation is against the law, the Constitution and the international conventions to which Macedonia is a signatory.

The current situation in the field is almost tragic. Many of our colleagues work illegally, without any time-off, without paid overtime or paid sick-leave.

A good collective agreement can regulate these and other issues related to our social and professional rights, but in order to be an equal partner in the collective agreements, the trade union must have sufficient membership. Its strength is its membership and the readiness of that membership to fight for their rights. The trade union is represented by its management, but its essence is not the president, but its members!

In other words, the trade union defends the rights of workers in compliance with the law and the collective agreements concluded with the employers, but its success will depend on the preparedness of each of its members to join the others in the fight for their rights.
Because united we are stronger! 
1. Union rights are a fundamental human right!
2. Free media cannot exist in conditions of poverty, corruption or fear.
3. Only a trade union can negotiate and sign collective agreements which will protect the labor, social and professional rights of media workers!
4. Only mutual solidarity can generate a strong trade union!
5. The trade union protects its members!