IFJ affiliates stand up for equality


Here is a compilation of some of the activities IFJ affiliates are carrying out to mark International Women’s Day 2016.

Australia: MEAA publishes Opens external link in new windowMates over Merit? The Women in Media Report– A study of gender differences in Australian media

Germany: DJV holds conference Women make the news „Opens external link in new windowFrau Macht Medien“ on 12-13 March in Köln.

Peru: The ANPP is holding a conference for women journalists on 11 March. The conference will commemorate journalist Bárbara D’Achille (murdered in the Huancavelica province by a group of armed terrorists because she had published a report about teh head of the terroriste group)

Turkey: members of TGS Women and LGBTI commission prepared an 18-page report about women working in conflict zones, 10 women journalists were interviewed.