Journalists, Media Workers: We are Going on a Protest!


DECEMBER 16, 2014

Dear colleagues. We have reached a decision to organize a protest! The signatories to the Solidarity Charter, supported by a number of organizations and individuals, have decided to go on a protest against the taxes on authorship and temporary service contracts; against the fake social measures which will reduce our honorariums by 35% and which will leave us without any employment perspectives and any rights guaranteed with the Law on Employment!

If you are satisfied, if you are cold, if you don`t feel like it – then sit in your warm offices, while you can and while you still have a chair. It won`t be long until the few critical media left are closed and the “inflated” with advertisements managers of the others eventually ask that you pay them to work, because the main stories there are not written by journalists anyway, and you are made redundant and sacked effortlessly by SMSs or e-mails. Because they can! Because all of you will become free-lancers!

Journalists, free-lancers and all others! Now we have to show that we are opposed! This affects all of us!

On Monday (22 December) at 12 p.m. we will assemble in Zhena Park Skopje! Put some warm clothes (it will be a cold day) and arm yourselves with resolve! Beat the despondency and be there!