Solidarity with the Correspondents


Faced with the increasingly difficult situation of our colleagues, journalists, photojournalists and cameramen working as correspondents for Macedonian media houses, most often as freelance associates, SSNM is starting an action for SOLIDARITY WITH THE CORRESPONDENTS in the period from 15 to 21 September 2014. We urge all members of the media community to take part and show solidarity by wearing a special white and red ribbon for a week. The ribbons may be collected from the trade union representatives in your medium or directly from SSNM.

The purpose of this action is to show that we are aware and we refuse to accept the conditions under which our colleagues have been working for years now: no technical equipment, no fixed working hours, no time off, minimum wages, subject to treatment as second class journalists in the Macedonian media which can easily, overnight, sack them without remuneration or any legal and moral responsibility towards them regardless of the years of their service.

We urge you to take part and support us by wearing the white-red ribbons so we can speak up about the situation of our colleagues which is in dire contrast with the fundamental human right to dignity of work.