Solidarity with the Correspondents

Faced with the increasingly difficult situation of our colleagues, journalists, photojournalists and cameramen working as correspondents for Macedonian media houses, most often as freelance associates, SSNM is starting an action for SOLIDARITY WITH THE CORRESPONDENTS in the period from 15 to 21 September 2014. We urge all members of the media community to take part […]

Show Solidarity for Freedom

By purchasing the CD of the first journalist band “Reporters” at the price of 200.00 denars or by donating to the account of the SSNM`s Solidarity Fund, you support the action for helping journalists and media workers. Payments for the CD or donations of your choice (for helping a specific journalist, legal aid, etc.) can […]

White book

The Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers of Macedonia for a certain period of time already felt the need to summarize the bulkiest problems of Macedonian journalism in a separate document, which would analyze the difficulties that its members, as well as journalists in general, are facing on every-day basis. One of the results […]