Journalists in the age of Trump: Lose the smugness, keep the mission.

By Margaret Sullivan Media Columnist Journalists may thrive on news — by definition, the unexpected or novel — but they’re terrible at getting out of their own comfortable ruts. Consider, for example, the decade or so of abject denial about their threatened business model that followed the apocalyptic arrival of Craigslist, which removed the crucial […]

OSCE: Media situation in Turkey ‘terrifying’

The situation of media in Turkey is a “terrifying” problem that targets not only journalists but has a chilling effect on the whole of society, the top media rights observer for the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) told DW. “It is unacceptable that in the 21st century in a country that so many hoped was […]

Google Supports Investigative Journalism

Google has selected three journalistic projects in Romania that will get EUR 850,000 total financing in the second round of the group’s Digital News Initiative (DNI). All three projects focus on investigation journalism. The Romanian Center for Investigation Journalism (CRJI) will get EUR 400,000 from Google to develop, prototype, and test an open source digital […]

Journalism’s delivery system, not the coverage itself, is broken

By Joel Simon   JOURNALISM MATTERS BECAUSE PEOPLE around the world need timely news and analysis to make informed decisions about their lives. This is a maxim that drives the work of many reporters. At the Committee to Protect Journalists, it’s why we advocate for the rights of persecuted journalists working in repressive and dangerous […]

Turkey: Organising journalists under the state of emergency

The regional meeting of EFJ-IFJ affiliates from the Balkans and Eastern Europe successfully took place in Istanbul on 29-30 November 2016. The meeting was hosted by the Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS) and the Istanbul office of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) who are financially supporting the event with the Swedish Union To Union global trade union programme. […]

Protective caps for journalist teams

Financially supported by the International Federation of Journalists, SSNM purchased protective caps as a symbolic help for journalist teams covering risk events. The caps are reinforced on the inside for extra protection and have a visible PRESS sign on the front. Due to the limited number, each media with active union members will receive two […]

#25N: IFJ backs global call for action on violence against women journalists

IFJ affiliates across the world will back on 25 November a call for global action against gender-based violence as reports of attacks on women journalists soar. From Kathmandu to Buenos Aires journalists unions will take part in meetings, protests, training sessions and marches to demand an end to attacks on women journalists and for action […]

Internet freedom around the world declined

Freedom on the Net 2016 report published by Freedom House : Key Findings •Internet freedom around the world declined in 2016 for the sixth consecutive year. •Two-thirds of all internet users – 67 percent – live in countries where criticism of the government, military, or ruling family are subject to censorship. •Social media users face […]

New Law Gives the UK Extreme Spying Powers

The International and European Federation of Journalists, (IFJ) and (EFJ), joined their UK affiliate, The National Union of Journalists (NUJ), in strongly condemning the Investigatory Powers Bill, which threatens the right to privacy, freedom of expression and investigative journalism, giving the Government sweeping spying powers. The new law gives the UK one of the most […]

Albanian journalists barred from attending media commission hearing

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) together with its affiliate, the Association of Professional Journalists (APJ) in Albania expresses firmly its disappointment and concern for failed Commission hearing in the Albanian Parliament. The session was planned for today, where a hearing was organised at the Commission of the media with the former director of the […]