Goodhearted, Righteous People- Unite!


JANUARY 17, 2015

A call to ALL !

For freedom of Tomislav Kezharovski – Kezho, for all of us.

Come on Tuesday in front of the Appellate Court at 12 p.m.

SSNM is calling on ALL: journalists, media workers, students, professors, the employed and the unemployed, the laid-off, pensioners, trade unionists, honorary workers, the “traitors and the patriots”, the “Sorosoids”, LGBTI activists, the decided and the undecided, politicians, parties, party members, supporters… ALL!

Bring your hearts and good intentions and give your support on an open scene – in front of the Court and the Government building.

Do not be afraid of being labelled or circled, we are all on the same side. Come, so we can all say NO to injustice together.

Kezho was expeditiously thrown in the darkness of the dungeon as the biggest enemy of Macedonian people, when in fact he is a respectable journalist who told you the truth – about how the secret police is fixing court cases and witnesses and puts innocent people, like himself, in prison. Kezho was arrested for a text he wrote five years ago, and only two months after he had started investigating the death of the journalist Nikola Mladenov.

Come to respond to the evil and injustice which has befallen our colleague; come to generate clear horizons – to make a change. And that is not an easy task, certainly not a task for a few, definitely not a task only of us – journalists. If journalists do not tell the truth, how can people tell the difference between right and wrong? How can we control and keep an eye on those we have elected and who we expect to protect us and provide a better life for us, when they are actually working for their own benefits only and destroying everything that is a threat to them? How will our society grow and move forward?

This is not journalistic poetry, Kezho has already been taken to the prison in Shuto Orizari.

Freedom is not an abstract idea, freedom is NOW! The Appellate Court, Tuesday 12 p.m.



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