Lustrate, Journalism Will Survive (You)


MARCH 29, 2015

SSNM sees the announcements and information for lustration of active and renown journalists known among the public as carriers of critical thought and the integrity of the profession as no less than another unsuccessful attempt for discrimination and labelling of all who do not fit the Government`s definition of journalism.

In other words, this lustration is just one more example of the practice of its usage as an instrument for political score settling with all those with whom somebody thinks settling the score is needed. Lustrations of this kind (such it was, actually, the lustration of Slavko Janevski and the majority of the lustrated) only reveals the desire for revenge by the political carriers of the system against all mechanisms of their control, especially those protecting the interests of the public, namely professional journalists.

Therefore, SSNM is sending a message to all of its members and supporters to stay indifferent and to indignantly refute all attempts to discredit them or their colleagues.

Journalists` integrity, honor and reputation cannot be tarnished by any attempts for humiliation, insults, labelling and lustration, nor can they be forcefully imposed. They are judged by the public, their work and the support from their colleagues.

SSNM perceives any attack on professional journalists, regardless of its shape, as an attack on the foundations of the profession which has proven to be stronger than all attacks it has already suffered. And it will star stronger. In other words…lustrate, label, insult…journalists and journalism will survive (you)!


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